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Oirr Yn Ushtey

Supplementary information

Location: Port Erin Beach, Isle of Man.

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Post code IM9 6HH

Day           10:00-18:00  £50.00 - £70.00*

Evening   19:00-22:00   £30.00 - £40.00*

Both          10:00-22:00  £70.00 - £100.00*                                           *Peak - certain dates in May, June, July, August                                                                                                                                             and September. See booking page calendar.

We want you to enjoy your day/evening,  Nick Davies, Owner

The Bathing machine is a self help facility - that is you, the hirer are responsible for gaining access, and setting up the seating, tables and windbreak as you require them, and stowing away again inside the hut after you have finished using the hut, or the rental period expires.

No attendant will be present. - In urgent cases contact using the phone number supplied on your invoice.

 A key box is fitted to the rear exterior, and you will be sent the code by sms and email with your reminder.

Tips for enjoying your day,  

Port Erin Beach is administered by Port Erin Commissioners, applicable byelaws include:

  • No overnight stays.

  • No dogs are permitted (unless within certain times published at beach access points)

  • BBQ’s require permission.

In the hut

Max occupants 4 adult persons at any one time

Smoking/ vaping is not permitted

Dogs are only permitted when the above bylaw reference allows, are NOT allowed inside the hut and MUST not be allowed to use the outside seats.

Persons with limited mobility and wheelchair users may find the hut unsuitable, please ask before completing the booking.

The inside of the hut is cooler and may be suitable for storing your picnic, as can underneath in the shade. A fold down serving/preparation table is fitted on the outside.

The bench seats can be put together and used for small children to take a nap. 

Nearest public toilets and free car park are within 50m.

The beach is not life-guarded, marine incident dial 999 and ask for Coastguard and Ambulance if required.

There is a defibrillator at the public toilets.

Please take your litter away, on very busy days the beach bins can become overloaded, there is not really a significant seagull problem, please help to keep it that way.

Thank you and enjoy your day!


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